Dear friends,

Free International University of Moldova is an elite institution, an establishment that is distinguished from others by its dynamism, its international component, freedom of thought, impressive scientific potential, quality of education, provision of modern equipment, excellent conditions for education and employment.

The Faculty of Letters is a modern academic unit which has up-to-date study rooms equipped with the latest techniques: audio-visual laboratories, multi-media rooms with Internet, lingophone rooms, rooms for simultaneous translation, enabling technical assurance for the classes of listening, media, consecutive translation, simultaneous translation, specialized translation, literary translation, etc. The students are provided with a Reading Room with a rich fund of literature and access to international databases.

The staff of the faculty both at the specialized departments and at the Institute of Philological and Intercultural Research includes a number of renowned scholars in the field of Philology and Sciences of Communication. About 40 full-time teachers provide the educational and scientific process at the faculty, 23 of them have a PhD and PhD habilitatus degree.

We invite all those interested to get acquainted with the Faculty of Letters at ULIM’s competitions, round tables, seminars, conferences and other scientific, didactic and cultural events organized by the students and our teachers, while those who wish to obtain deep knowledge in the field of translation are heartily expected at our institution.


PhD, Associate Professor